No. Training is not required since our horses are tame and we select them according to the riders’ skills. Our animals are safe. They were born and raised in the area and they always go on a trail ride.
Certainly. We make teams. There are always people willing to go horseback riding. Most probably, you will meet several new friends, since sharing the mountain experience makes you connect with people you have recently met in a very special way. We can vouch for many stories of people who have continued to be friends and still remain in touch (even abroad).
Height is not a problem, basically, because we are always on horseback and also because we are gradually introduced in the areas as we ascend the mountains. The problem normally arises when people walk in excess at such heights, but we will reach high spots carefully in order not to suffer health problems. People from Brazil, who have never been in high places, have been able to live the experience without suffering any physical inconvenience.
Yes, and they are used to go on trail rides across the areas. They are safe because they are familiar with the terrain.
In large tents. Guests willing to sleep under the moonlight may take out their sleeping bags, enjoy a unique view of the stars, and appreciate one of the clearest skies that can be observed in Argentina.
Guests from 10 to 70 (or up- according to physical conditions) may go riding. We suggest that young guests be accompanied by parents. We have had guests from 10 to 72 years and all of them have been able to enjoy the experience without any trouble.
Six hours. But we stop from time to time to have lunch, take pictures, film and watch the landscapes. We always go on trail rides. Therefore, the trip is not tiresome.
There are riders who are used to riding on their saddles. Therefore, we allow our guests to bring their own, but there is no need to do so, since we have equipment for all our guests.
I must tell you the truth: at 3,000 m.a.s.l. (and considering that there are places only horses can reach), we have certain comfort limitations….But we will carry portable showers with hot water. However, there are guests who choose to shower in the steams.
N.I.D. (National Identity document- D.N.I.) to be submitted at the customs. If you are a foreigner, you should bring your passport or ID card- Cédula.
Reservations must be made by contacting us through our webpage and the process shall be completed upon 30% transfer of the total cost to our bank account. The remaining 70% shall be transferred 25 days prior to departure.
Typical food: meat stew (carbonadas), massive soups, maize stews (locros), barbecue, young goat, homemade bread and jam. Finger food prepared with products typical of Mendoza. All matched with the best wines that can be found in Valle de Uco.