Cabalgatas del Alma were conceived for the purpose of sharing our experience and knowledge of the Andes crossing. We wish you to be part of an adventure where you will be introduced into Argentinean history, gastronomy in the region of Cuyo, best quality wines and our horses.
We are a family devoted to promoting the culture of Alto Valle de Tunuyán. For decades, we have travelled across the Andes and heard each story that forms part of the vast history of the place. Today we are committed to sharing all such stories with our guests and offering them unforgettable experiences within the majestic frame of the Andes mountain range. We intend to provide a comfortable, warm, and friendly environment in order for our guests to relax, rest and- why not- fuse with nature.

“Waiting for you to visit us at the very heart of the Uco Valley”.
Warmly, Maru and Diego.


¿How To Get Here?

Contact recommended to arrive by transfer:

Timothee de Vautibault

+54 9 261 306-9707